Two distinctly different girls, struggling both at home and socially, form an unlikely friendship

Hand in hand

In an action-packed chase through Sweden's coolest urban cityscapes and wildest wilderness, we follow young Mimmi and Nike in a breakneck battle to save Mimmi’s father who is kidnapped by some extremely dangerous men.

When Mimmi’s father is caught his only rescue is the girls delivering vital information to a policeman on the other side of Sweden. The girls take action. By rising to the challenge and learning to lean on each other they emerge as better versions of themselves and as true heroines.

Strong is what we make each other

Project in development - shooting starts January 2018

Streetwise and extremely physical Nike helps Mimmi to get away from her bullying ”friends” in a spectacular escape, Mimmi turns out to be as physical and daring.

Beatbox concert in Norrköping

What do you do when you have no money and need to move on. The" Nike way" is
to make a great performance together with a local beatboxer. Great concert! Mimmi

Nike get caught

They are so close to find the man they are looking for. But a car stops and Nike is caught .
Mimmi manages to escape

An adventure for the whole family


Streetwise Nike helps Mimmi to get away from her bullying ”friends” in a spectacular escape, the first in a long row of action sequences where the two friends handles enemies of all sorts. Mimmi gets a chock when she realizes that her father is an undercover policeman. He has a list of corrupt policemen. It is literally vital that this list gets to a specific policeman working in Malmö. Mimmi and Nike witness him being physically abused and to save him the two girls must deliver the list to the only policeman they can trust, the policeman in Malmö.

A dangerous hunt begins. The girls have to be extremely canny in order to keep the gangsters behind them. A journey that more than once will put their lives at risk. The chase leads them through dramatic encounters and magnificent winter landscapes. The girls travel by train, bus, by foot and as free riders on a big lorry.

In mostly comic sequences they find themselves being waitresses on a big feast in the magical Teleborg, a Disney-castle they find on their way. Under snow-covered trees and in dramatic canyons the get away on beautiful horses. When they finally think they are safe in a shelter, they find themselves face to face with a wild lynx, the Jaguar of Scandinavia. In the darkest hour Nike finally reveals her deepest secret. Her dad is in prison.

Through him they can find out who is keeping Mimmi’s dad captive. Showing a lot of physical skills, courage and cleverness, they help the police to find the corrupt police officers. In a happy ending Mimmi and Nike will enjoy Christmas where new friends and traditions meet.

The film is about courage, empowerment and friendship.

The girls are tested and challenged in every way, both emotionally and physically and they have to learn how to cooperate and trust each other as well as fight their own fears. They come from two very different cultural backgrounds and culturally we have strong stereotypes about both of them. Nike is coloured and she has grown up in the poor part of town. Mimmi on the other hand, comes from the striving middle class where assimilation and perfection is the standard. The fight for conformity and safety is stifling her, not allowing her to be herself and grow. These two worlds come together in a road movie through Sweden, where we get to challenge our stereotypes both of them and society as a whole.


HAND IN HAND, written by Erik Ahrnbom, Grethe Bøe-Waal. Directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal. Produced by MINT ab (Sweden, Norway, Germany)

Jury citation:“We would like to hand out this award to a film that tackles a difficult subject with a lighter and empowering story. A film that will probably appeal to a large audience, while adding another more complex layer. It’s about children who are set apart in society, providing them the tools to find their own strength. Two girls who are outsiders, bullied by their friends, find their own path by working together and taking responsibility where others don’t. It’s a clear metaphor for how bullying is often dealt with, a topic that is universal, relevant and important to address.

Hand in hand

Director Grethe Bøe-Waal

I’ve always longed to create a fast paced action film about girls who save the day. I am dedicated to creating strong role models, busting stereotypes and give inspiration to both boys and girls.My reference for this movie is Jason Bourne meets Quentin Tarantino, not for its content, but for its intensely visual film expression. This is an action adventure film and I seek to thrill and seduce my audience into internalizing the films premise: Divided we fall, strong is what we make each other.

Producer Helene Mohlin

CEO at production company MINT, Producer for prizewinner : ”Just like Zorro”, ”There Should Be Rules.”Public Service TV-serials like ”Circus Imago”, ”Dragonheart", ”The Rabbit”. Producer of Nordic Kids Media Festival.Since 2014, Helene is a board member at Media Evolution City.

Producer Leif Mohlin

Partner and co-founder of production company MINT.Producer for prizewinner : ”Just like Zorro”, ”There Should Be Rules”, the two films about ”Arn”, ”The Kautokeino Rebellion”.TV-drama like ”Spung”, ”The commission” and ”Taurus”. Legendary soaps such as ”Hotel Caesar”, ”Seven Sisters”, ”Three Crowns” etc.


Mint works with empowering individuals, young as well as ”grown up”. Our stories deals mainly with basic existential questions around friendship, death, love, parenthood etc. An ever present theme is Socialisation both very important and makes fantastic material for stories: The transmedial project Circus Imago (i.e. TV-series, Featurefilm, Theatre and a free farting App) for instance is a physical humor drama about how it is like to be an individual in a small collective of friends and potential enemies, In ”There should be rules” there is a lack of guidelines (rules) i in how becoming an adult . Finally the Dragon Harry teaches Nisse the rules of the Dragonheart in the TV-series/feature with the same name.In 2015-2016 MINT premiered both features and drama-series, Circus Imago - one chance in a million at the cinemas around Sweden (action for the whole family with the 6-year old in focus), The teenage-feature There Should be rules (winning festivals like Woodstock and Hamilton and Manchester) The 45 minutes TV-film Lost & Found at Sveriges Television. The the Fantasy TV-drama Drakhjärta (Dragonheart 10 X 13’ ) with a 3D dragon that helps a boy after the loss of his mother. Dragonheart - the movie will premiere late 2016 or early 2017Turnover of the company is now around € 2 000 000.

Hand in hand the project in total

  • A feature 100 min + a TV-series 10 X 13 min (alt. 3 X 45).

  • From 11 years at the cinema (7 with in parents company)

  • The TV-serie edited to fit the Children Channels

  • Coproduction Sweden-Norway- Germany

  • MINT ab - Vulcan story AB - Kinderfilm


St. varvsgatan 6a
211 19 Malmö

Strong is what we make each other

Hand in Hand